Thursday, May 10, 2012

Married Bliss for the Gaudions

Last Friday our only son Matthew and his bride Sarah were married in Hughenden Valley Parish church near High Wycombe in the UK.  It was a great day and thankfully the weather was cold but not wet.  It was a real family occasion with lots of love and laughter, not to mention great food and much joy - as you can probably see in our faces!

Of course, it is not the wedding that is important but the marriage, so we continue to pray that God will bless their lives together in Jersey.  ‘Marriage may be made in heaven but the maintenance work needs to be done on earth’.  During the address at the church I offered the happy couple three keys to successful marriage – 1. Good foundations 2. Quality time together and 3. Effective communication.  Perhaps those of us who are married should try to use those golden keys a little more often.

When so many marriages are struggling today and the pressure upon couples is so great, we need to be conscious of the place of the wider family in offering support.  We may be separated by distance but communication is much simpler now, so love finds a way.  In churches too there must be meaningful support for marrieds and singles as they negotiate the troubled surface of today's cultural sea.  For now, though, we are still basking in the after-glow of a great day together.  I am so thankful that I was spared to be able to live to see the day of Matthew's wedding - something I genuinely thought unlikely - and in the event it did not disappoint.  Thank you Lord!