Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lakeside Inspiration

I have just spent two wonderful days in the Lake District staying at Eusmere House (pictured above) where the poet William Wordsworth was known to stay and where it is believed he penned some of his work. The house was built by Thomas Clarkson, one of the famous 'abolitionists' who worked with William Wiberforce to eradicate the slave trade throughout the British Empire. He used to commute to London from here, a journey of several hundred miles when there were no roads or motorways.

I was in Eusmere House, alongside the fabulous lake Ullswater, to take part in a writers' conference organised the publishers of my new book Braving the Storm. We were learning all about the media, and writing styles, and networking together with other authors and editors. It was really inspiring to be able to learn all together in these very special surroundings, as well as meet up with some exiled Guern's - Steve and Ruth De La Mare - who happen to live in the next village.

Nothing can really describe the exquisite joy of getting up in the morning and going down to the lakeside to take in the stillness and the freshness of a new Cumbrian day. It was breathtaking to look out over the lakes and mountains of that area, and to remember that 'the earth is God's footstool' (Isaiah 66). I almost expected to see two great big feet sticking up over the mountains! This was certainly the right place to put a group of writers and budding authors.

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Bye for now.