Monday, August 20, 2007

Paprika Comes

So now we are three again! After a dogless year we have welcomed a new arrival - a four year old Pomeranian female called Paprika! Here's Diane with the newcomer. She enjoys cuddles - (well they both do actually!!) and is very gentle and sweet natured, so we are really grateful for her timely arrival. When I got back from hospital last week after another prolonged stay it was great to have this little furball doing somersaults at my feet and wanting to sit on my lap and lick my chin.

Isn't it good to be able to enjoy this little gift of nature and not worry about how I feel for a while? I am supposed to rest for the next few weeks, but at least I can write - and I have plenty to write about. There is so much that God is teaching me through all this, but I do get frustrated sometimes and long for freedom from pain, nausea and exhaustion. Still, God knows what He is about and as we await the Healer, this little furry friend is a great distraction. Who could feel miserable when this little one is smiling up at you?

'He has created all things and for His pleasure they are created'.

Well, this one has brought a great deal of pleasure to us too, so 'thankyou Lord'.

Bye for now.