Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Book Launch!

Wow! What heat we experienced in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, last weekend.  30 degrees plus may not be as high as some places but for Britain that is hot hot hot! We were there for the book launch of this amazing project - Storming Home: the biography of Billy Gilvear, soldier, bodyguard to the stars, brawler, boozer and addict - now serving God in an amazing ministry called Eden in Manchester, and a real trophy of God's amazing grace. As his biographer and co-author I went with Billy to South Wales to launch the book because it was there that he found God - or rather that the Father of the story called The Prodigal Son in the Bible found Billy!

I also have a bit of history in South Wales having been the Senior Pastor at The City Temple in the centre of Cardiff during the mid 1990's and so I went along to introduce him and the book project.  Preaching at both the Sunday morning services to huge numbers of people packed into a stifling building with few windows and no air conditioning was quite a challenge! I was thrilled to see a large of people respond to the preaching and make serious steps forward in their desire to know Christ and follow Him.  Billy told his story in the evening service and hundreds of folk laughed, cheered and praised God as they heard the wonders of what has taken place.

So - the book is out - and you can obtain a copy here or if you are in Guernsey get in touch with me as I have a supply of them and in the Manchester area you can contact Billy at Eden.  But you will find this book thrilling and a real page-turner, and it really is one you will want to buy as a gift for friends.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Summer at Last!

 You have got to admit it's getting warmer when the road signs are melting eh?
 And these cats know what's good for them on a hot summer's day!
This little chap has just about had enough of all this heat! 
But these cheeky seagulls take the biscuit! 

At last summer has come to the Channel Isles and with it a bit of warmth, but don't blink - sea mist is already rolling in!