Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eric's Laws of Do-it-yourself!

Every job sets out really simple - of course I can put up a coat-hook - I mean what kind of idiot do you think I am?  Well, I did it, but not without proving the home truths of Eric's Laws of Doing it Yourself!
Law 1 It is always harder than it looks
Law 2 You never have the right tools
Law 3 If it can fall off or break it will always land in the most difficult place to retrieve it from
Law 4 If it can go wrong it will go wrong spectacularly
Law 5 If it can break it will always break at the most inopportune moment
Law 6 You will be going back to the DIY store
Law 7 You will regret not measuring one more time
Law 8 When your wife/significant other arrives to look it is always at the moment of most difficulty
Law 9 When your wife/significant other arrives she will ask you why you didn't get a man in
Law 10 You will ask yourself why you didn't get a man in!

Still, I must say that it has been a pleasure feeling well enough to at least have a go myself!  Thanks to this wonderful neurostimulator, since I was switched on two weeks ago I have experienced a complete break from pain.  Thank God for the sheer pleasure of not being in agony.  Now it's a joy to make a fool of myself, but when you come to my house, please don't ask me where you can hang your coat!