Monday, July 17, 2006

It Ain't Half hot!

Well, summer's here at last and we Sarnians (the old name for Guernsey folk) are sweltering in 30+ degrees of heat. Mind you, we've lived in Africa, and I quite enjoy the heat when it finally comes. Here in Britain it's a case of 'don't blink or you'll miss it!'

We haven't been swimming in the sea yet. We're waiting for the water temperature to rise to at least 18 degrees C - shouldn't be too long now. When it does we'll be in there, splashing around like toddlers pretending we can really swim well.

There's nothing quite a like a cool swim at the end of really hot day, when the tide is up at the top of the beach, the air is still and the whiff of barbied bacon and sausages fills the air. That's about as close to Paradise as it gets this side of the line! Wish you were here?

See ya soon.