Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Tough Week

It's the weekend again after a really tough few days. I've been ill with an attack of acute cholangitis - temperature of 39.7 (104!) with rigors, nausea, pain etc. Not a happy chappie! I can never go through these attacks without thinking of those who live like this all the time. I am really blest to be able to enjoy a fairly normal life in between spells of sickness, but I know some folk who are in pain 24-hours a day, seven days a week. I admire those who suffer like that and keep cheerful, even trusting God through it all.

Diane and I remember last 7th July very well as I was in hospital in London just a few days later. Exactly one week after the bomb attacks, we were in the streets around Oxford St at the time of the bombing, when everybody came out of their offices and shops to mark the minute with silence. It's awesome to think of the pain that the grieving relatives are facing every day, as well as the hundreds who were disfgured and injured.

What a sad old world this sometimes seems to be? Does God care? Can He do anything about it? I love Salvador Dali's painting Christ of St John of the Cross. It says it all really. He does care and He is involved. He's involved in my pain too, and I'm grateful for that.