Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Restoration Blues

What a mess! Would you know where to start to restore this lot? My friend Len did. He saw this heap of rusty old parts for a Morris Minor pick-up truck several years ago, and took a real shine to the old pile. Amazingly, he had hope for it even thought there was nothing to really hope about, just a heap of broken pieces. Four years of hard work, sweat, labour and love, have worked their charm on the rusted remains, and what exists today is a work of real effort.

Wow! A real restoration masterpiece. Every part of it is original, except for the seat covers and the wing mirrors, and the great thing is - it works! Now, whenever I'm feeling my age, struggling with illness, aware of being a bit of a wreck, I think of Len's Minor. He worked at it because he had a love for it, and a vision for the outcome. He knew that what was there was not all that could be there.

You know what? Len is a bit like Jesus. (He would laugh if he reads that - so would Eileen his wife). But he is, because Jesus is in the business of rescuing wrecks like me. He's got love and vision enough to give me a brand new start. Hey - my 'blues' are turning to 'whews'!